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We are the ONLY salon in Hickory and surrounding areas to offer the most up to trend nail art in the industry

Nail Services

Acrylic Manicure

The beauty of the wide range of acrylic nails that we offer at Golden Hands Nail Spa is that they are fun, fake and easy to apply. Some might think that the disposable nature of acrylic nails is a drawback but we do not.

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Gel Manicure

Having led the nail salon field for years, it is fair to say that Golden Hands Nail Spa knows a thing or two about manicures.

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Nail Art

At Golden Hands Nail Spa we know that every one of our customers is different. This sense of individuality and uniqueness is what defines them and is often displayed most visibly with their nail designs.

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Hair Color Specialists

Is the hair color you presently have best suited to your features, skin tone and style? Or is it time for a change? Are you satisfied with the service you receive from your current hair color specialist?

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Body Waxing

Golden Hands Nail Spa offers a complete range of waxing hair removal services. Pamper yourself in an inviting waiting room area while you consult with one of our experienced and qualified experts to discuss the waxing services that are best suited to your needs.

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Pedicure Service

At Golden Hands Nail Spa we always strive to be the best. That is why we are very proud of our excellent service that combines the most skilled nail work with a commitment to customer care. However, what we really value is the popularity and satisfaction of our pedicures among our customers.

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